A company’s image must be taken care of because of its enormous influence. If you plan for your services or products to be in demand, you need to look trustworthy. Therefore, not getting involved in scandals or giving confusing opinions becomes key to manage digital reputation.

What is digital reputation?
It is the reflection of the reality of a person or brand, as known on the Internet. It is about how users see you online, considered of vital importance for any business. Therefore, it became a point that all corporations take to include in digital marketing strategies. Keep in mind that digital reputation is not built by companies. It arises when people give their opinions about a certain brand on social networks.

So it has become a double-edged sword, which generates profits, but sometimes many losses. This happens because of the comments you receive, which are negative as well as very flattering. Therefore, it is necessary to know the right ideas for the digital image and prepare for any event.

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digital reputation

📢 How to manage digital reputation?

You always need to be aware that you need to improve your digital reputation to grow your sales. Keep in mind that social networks are your greatest allies if you know how to use them well. Through them you get to know the offers, products, brands and services in the right way. When you project yourself well in these media you gain a more loyal community. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a community manager who is in charge of keeping an eye on your online image.

Also use them to receive the opinions of your customers. It is easier to make complaints and negative comments online because you don’t see the other person. So take care of what they say about you and always respond politely. Think of a strategy to respond to different situations that may become complicated. Don’t fall into provocations and don’t think it’s something personal.

In addition, I advise you not to be on only one platform, enter different social networks. However, always choose the one that is most appropriate to the image you want to give to the public. Through these, they will form an idea of what you are, what you sell or what you transmit. On the other hand, it should be noted that you don’t have to be on the Internet all day long. However, try to upload content all the time and keep your customers updated. Take pictures of the place or products and post them.

Don’t miss digital congresses and get involved in those related to your sector. The reputation of your company depends a lot on this, making you in turn a reference. Therefore, you also need a strategy that allows you to improve your image and grow your brand. If you have the possibility of having a team of people specialized in marketing to take care of it, you will do great.

📢 How to evaluate digital reputation?

Keep in mind that a brand with a good reputation is more likely to be chosen by consumers. It is not a tangible asset, it is perceived, so it can change at any time. That is why it is necessary to evaluate the reputation of the product or services at all times. So the first thing to do is to listen to make an assessment of what the audience believes about your work.

Then comes the creation of a digital reputation plan with constant actions that boost you. You have to be aware of the negative reviews so that you know the areas that need improvement. Although consider that in the online world there is a risk of losing, you are not always going to get positioned.

📢 How to make a digital reputation plan?

This requires certain actions that will boost you in a good way before the virtual world. You should focus on improving your experience with your services or products. Buyer personas or ideal customers are constantly looking for quality content. So upload excellent photos and videos about what you sell or promote. Use the social networks and websites with the highest visibility for your target audience.

Keep in mind that your actions need to be seen in several places at the same time. In addition, use the internal search engines of social networks to detect opinions related to the company. You can analyze the first search engine results for your brand name. In the meantime, it’s time to monitor the posts that are uploaded on the various platforms. Social Mention, Wildfire, Alterian, Google Alerts and Hoot Suite are used for this purpose.

As a last step, it is always recommended to balance the balance of comments, don’t just focus on eliminating the negative ones. Count on both sides to avoid misinterpretations and get a true picture.

digital reputation

📢 How to have a good digital reputation?

Remember that digital reputation is acquired over time. It depends a lot on your attitudes and behavior. The first advisable thing to do to get it, is to get more personal blogs that show that totally real side of you. This way they will get to know your dreams, your daily life and hobbies. You also need a professional website that reflects your work style and current projects. People trust those who are more sincere and transparent.

On the other hand, defend your position at all costs, especially when people tell lies about you and your work. Also, you need to forget about self-promotion, that can give the wrong idea about you.

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Keys to take care of your digital reputation

The first thing you should do is create a digital marketing strategy. With this you will attract new customers and you will get a good positioning. Within these I recommend Adwords or Facebook Ads campaigns, social media management, content creation and advertising. Also, monitor your platforms for data collection. They enable you to evolve your brand.

In addition, make sure you make a review of the comments on the different networks, blogs and so on. It gives you the terms with which you are known and thus optimize SEO or search engine optimization. On the other hand, it is important to design a digital crisis plan. Do not forget to capture all the necessary actions to manage an emergency situation.

Put emphasis on generating content of interest to your audience. Make videos about your work or product, write eye-catching messages and take quality photos. All the good things that make you go up in Google search engines will make you grow.